Sketchy Online Retailer With $250 Fee For Complainers Is “Down For Maintenance”

undergoingmaintenanceFor the last few days, we’ve been following the story of sketchy online retailer Accessory Outlet, which was recently sued over its bizarre policy of penalizing customers $250 for even threatening to publicly complain about a purchase or file a chargeback request with their credit card issuers. Then we revealed how the site was blatantly lying about its various customer service ratings, awards, and certifications. Now it looks like the site has been pulled down, if only temporarily.

Visitors to any of the multiple URLs that Accessory Outlet uses (including and are no longer greeted with a fake A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau or a stolen image of a Samsung store in Korea, or the dubious claim of being “the #1 Mobile Accessory wholesaler in the United States.”

Instead, people going to these sites now find the message “Site is undergoing maintenance. Please check back later.” Some of the company’s URLs, like, merely come up blank with absolutely no message.

Whether this is merely the site crashing due to overwhelming response from people curious to check out the sketchiness, or if the site is actually being redesigned — possibly in response to the cease-and-desist order from the BBB — is a mystery.

What’s not a mystery are the many complaints that customers have posted about Accessory Outlet and its various iterations on public complaints boards.

We have attempted to contact this company for comment on the lawsuit and the $250 fee, but to no avail.

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