Atlanta Walmart Receives Early Morning Delivery When Woman Gives Birth In The Store

So far this year we’ve reported on two women who gave birth in the parking lots of separate Walmart stores. This week, a woman finally made it inside the store before welcoming her bundle of joy.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a woman delivered her baby in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

The woman was inside the store shortly after 5 a.m. on Tuesday when her baby made its debut before paramedics could arrive.

A spokesperson for the ambulance company tells AJC that the baby was crying when paramedics arrived, but appeared to be fine – along with the new mom.

The baby and woman were transported to an area hospital for evaluation.

It’s unclear whether the woman was an employee of the store or if she was a customer. The AJC’s request for comment was not immediately returned by Walmart’s corporate office.

Woman gives birth inside Roswell Walmart [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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  1. Xenotaku says:

    According to the source, she wasn’t inside the store, she was “just outside the front door”. They also confirm that she was neither a customer nor an employee, as a) the store wasn’t open yet, and b) they were en-route to the hospital when she went into labor. Her husband pulled into the parking lot because there was light to call 911.

    Also, it was Wednesday, not Tuesday.

  2. Liberal says:

    They will want to name it Wally or Samantha in recognition of the birthplace. Think of the money they saved using the walmart parking lot instead of a hospital. when the child gets old enough to understand they can go in and ask for a gift certificate for their birthday. my silliness aside glad they were ok, that’s not a process to fool with.