Back-To-School Halloween Candy Keeps Kids Healthy And Happy

happyOkay, we get that it’s difficult to swap out seasonal sections in retail stores, and that items sell out when we think it might be too “early” for the next holiday to come along. However, Michael spotted an odd combination of one retail “holiday,” back to school season, and the following holiday, Halloween.

“I was at Walgreens in Chicago last week and came upon a ‘Go Back Happy and Healthy’ shelf setup filled to the brim with Halloween candy!” he wrote. “I guess candy is more important than happy and healthy snacks.”

Well, candy can be a small part of a healthy diet, and it certainly makes some kids happy. The problem with this display is that it’s never quite clear where candy meant for packed school lunches ends, and where candy meant for trick-or treaters begins. However, if you’re buying your Halloween candy now, you have admirable planning skills and even more admirable willpower.

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