Keurig Makes Deal To Produce K-Cups For Maxwell House & Other Kraft-Branded Coffees

Remember a few years ago when we showed you the astonishing video of the shrinking Maxwell House cans? Well, it’s about to get even smaller because Kraft, the maker of the “eh, it’s good enough” coffee, struck a deal giving Keurig to power to produce single-serve K-cups of its java.

Kraft’s decision to allow Keurig Green Mountain Inc. to sell Maxwell House and other Kraft-branded coffees in the single-serve format is an about-face for the company’s previous license granting resistance, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Less than two years ago Kraft was adamant that it would sell its own K-cup pods that would be compatible with both its own Tassimo brewing system and the popular Keurig system.

But that mentality seems to have changed, as Keurig and Kraft are said to have reached a multi-year licensing agreement in which Keurig takes over manufacturing Kraft-branded pods. The financial aspects of the deal were not released.

While Kraft officials say the company is not abandoning single-cup products, they are “confident that this licensing agreement is the right next step in pursuing our long-term growth plans.”

Aside from Maxwell House, Kraft will allow Keurig to produce single-serve cups of Gevalia, Yuban and the recently announced McDonald’s McCafe bagged coffees.

Kraft to allow Keurig to sell Maxwell House, other brands in single-serve pods [Chicago Tribune]

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