Maxwell House Coffee Settles For “Good,” Not Great Or Awesome

good_coffeeYoung adults are no longer interested in mediocre coffee. As far as Maxwell House is concerned, that’s okay. They don’t need the cool kids with their pour-overs and their burr grinders. Their new marketing campaign targets customers who want coffee that’s just, you know, good enough.

To many of our young, hip readers, Maxwell House is just mediocre coffee that tastes stale and comes in big cans, but it has a long and fascinating history. The brand’s name comes from a Nashville hotel, and it’s been around and popular since 1892. Their ad agency claims that the venerable Maxwell House Passover Hagaddah is the longest-running continuous consumer promotion in America.

They’re no longer the best-selling brand, though, even though Maxwell House was the top coffee for most of the 20th century. Is “Eh, good enough” a solid marketing strategy for the coming decades, or should they join the wave of the future and go fancy?

Ad of the Day: Maxwell House Says Its Coffee Is Good, Not Great, and Means It [AdWeek]

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