Woman Accused Of Faking Cancer To Get Donations Arrested On Her Way To Film TV Show

An Illinois woman who’s been accused of pretending both she and her son have cancer in order to scam people out of money was reportedly on her way to film an interview for the Dr. Phil show when cops caught up with her, warrant in hand.

The woman was charged with two counts of theft by deception, reports the Belleville News-Democrat, after investigators say they found more victims since the first time she was charged earlier this month.

She’s accused of accepting financial assistance from people after appealing to the public in social media and a local church, telling local residents she and her son both had leukemia.

Police say one donor became suspicious, and called authorities questioning whether there was any cancer, the police chief explained. So far as investigators can tell, neither she nor her so had cancer.

Investigators don’t believe the woman was trying to flee, rather, it appears she was at the airport to go to Chicago for her closeup.

“We don’t think so,” the police chief said. “We’ve heard that she was on her way to Chicago to be on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show.”

We’re going to go ahead and guess that her segment has been canceled at this point.

On her way to ‘Dr. Phil’: Troy woman accused of cancer fraud is arrested at airport [Belleville News-Democrat]

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