The Only Thing You Need To Know About Five Guys Testing Customizable Shakes Is That Bacon Is Involved

(Carbon Arc)

(Carbon Arc)

There are times when it’s good to keep a separation between your sweet and savory foods, probably, but once you bring bacon up, all walls can be torn down and it should be welcomed as part of any concoction. At least, that’s what was decided by the Famous Bacon Accords Of 1996. Which is why the most important part of Five Guys burger chains testing out customizable milkshakes is that bacon is an optional ingredient.

The only option, if you’re like me and putting it on your burger isn’t good enough (or bad enough, from your arteries’ point of view, slumbering sweetly under a blanket of saturated fat due to aforementioned love of bacon).

Sure, there are other toppings to add to a vanilla shake base — cherries, Oreo cookies, bananas, salted caramel, peanut butter, coffee, chocolate, malted milk and strawberries — but we’ve been there before, right?. Although all of those, I might add, pair delightfully with bacon.

Consumerist reader C.H. has tried the bacon shake, and had this to say:

“I had a shake with chocolate, malt, peanut butter and yes…bacon. It was pretty damn good. It was a bit pricy when you add it up with a burger and fries, so I won’t get them often, but it was delicious!”


Five Guys is testing the customizable shakes at certain locations in New York and New Jersey now. So if you also get your hands on a bacon shake (with any of the other additions welcome), let us know at or @Consumerist on Twitter.

(H/T to FoodBeast)

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