T-Mobile Emphasizes: They’re Probably Not Going To Throttle You

Imagine being part of a rarified group: your carrier’s top 20 gobblers of unlimited data. At T-Mobile, unlimited data is still a thing, and a recently leaked memo has customers panicking that using too much data will get them throttled. It won’t.

Some people interpreted the leaked message that way, because they apparently didn’t read the memo, or our coverage of it. Big Magenta’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Sievert, reached out to Recode to explain what the company’s new effort to stop “misuse” of data really means.

The company is starting small: they know exactly who the top 20 users of data on the network are, and the company will call them up for a friendly chat. They don’t plan wide-scale throttling…especially now that the Federal Communications Commission is taking a closer look at mobile companies’ policies when it comes to imposing limits on their customers’ data use.

However, that officially only means unauthorized data use, like peer-to-peer downloading or running a live 24/7 webcam. Unlimited means unlimited, Sievert explains. T-Mobile’s throttling should be transparent, because heavy users will receive a warning phone call before the carrier drastically dials back their speeds to slow down their data hogging.

T-Mobile Says It’s Not Planning to Throttle Unlimited Customers [Re/Code] (Thanks, theblackdog!)

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