Cops: Suspected Phone Thief Called 9-1-1 Because Victim Wouldn’t Leave Her Alone

Who do you turn to when some stranger is harassing you, refusing to leave you alone? The police, of course. But perhaps not, if the reason this person won’t stop bothering you is that you happened to steal his phone just moments before. Ah, life lessons.

Police say a woman suspected of swiping a cell phone from a man at a gas station parking lot in Seattle called up to report that the guy was following her, and accusing her of — what else? — taking his phone, reports KOMO News.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the woman standing with the man, who looked a bit banged up with cuts and bruises. The suspect then told officers that she and her boyfriend had simply been minding their own busy on the bus next to the man, when he woke up and accused them of stealing his phone, and attacked them when they ran.

On the other side of the story, the man says he was sitting on the bus with his eyes closed when he realized he couldn’t hear the music he’d been listening to anymore — and opened his peepers to see the suspect and another man with his phone.

He claims he asked to have his phone back, but they allegedly punched and kicked him, and ran off. He followed them, though the boyfriend kept running while the female suspect stopped to call 9-1-1.

The suspect denied stealing the phone, until cops saw something that looked a whole lot like a phone in her pocket. It turned out to be the victim’s phone, along with three grams of crack.

She was arrested for investigation of robbery and drug possession.

Police: Robber calls cops because victim won’t leave her alone [KOMO News]

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