A Booze Burglar Is Stealing Beers From Town’s Refrigerators For Second Summer In A Row

Residents of a Texas town are clutching their cans and bottles of beer closely, as the city’s residents are being plagued once again by a mysterious booze burglar. Someone is breaking into garage refrigerators and even homes simply to swipe beer, for the second summer in a row. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?!?

In a move that would make my uncles horrified at such a breach of garage sanctity — it’s a place for drinking beers, working on cars and sitting in lawn chairs late into the night, and should not be violated thusly — several homes in the town have had their fridges plundered, reports Click2Houston.com.

“Are they that desperate for a beer?” said one citizen, who reported having eight beers boosted from his garage. “The beer is irrelevant at this point; it’s the fact that someone is in my area when they shouldn’t be.”

A few others homes have had beer stolen, in an echo of a problem that hit the town last year, when several homes reported stolen beers as well, along with a few incidents of vandalism.

Last January, police arrested a 19-year-old man and charged him with the theft, though it’s unclear now if these new cases are related.

Beyond the loss of beer, folks say they just don’t want anything worse to come of this string of petty crimes.

“I’m surprised it started up again,” the man who lost eight beers said. “Where we live, you don’t typically have problems like this.”

Apparently none of these victims have ever had teenagers in the house who need to find booze to drink somewhere, and hope Uncle Mark will think he and his buddies just went through their beer stash extra fast. Not that I’m admitting anything.

Beer burglar hits homes in Friendswood [Click2Houston.com]

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