Customer Sends KFC $2 And An Apology Note For Stealing A Piece Of Chicken

When you pay for an all-you-can eat buffet, the catch is that it’s only all you are able to eat while you’re actually at the restaurant, not like, all you can eat without any limits as to location and time. So taking food to go is a big no-no, including at one KFC in Nebraska where one customer regretted taking a piece of chicken home, and confessed in an apology letter sent with $2 included that he or she is sorry for stealing.

“This $2 is for the piece of chicken I brought home with me on Tuesday,” the letter read, reports the Omaha World-Herald. “That’s stealing. Sorry!”

“I took more on my plate than I could eat and I knew it would get thrown away there because it couldn’t get put back on the buffet, so I put it in my purse and brought it home,” the letter added. “I do love your chicken!”

Customers trying to game the buffet system are nothing new to the owner of the KFC, who says that food often ends up in plastic bags or purses and taken home. But to have someone actually apologize for doing so, well that’s never happened before.

“It just makes your faith in people come back a little more,” he said, saying he wishes he knew who wrote the letter so he could buy that person a few meals. “Whoever it was probably doesn’t have a lot of money. To send a couple bucks back to us is pretty remarkable. It’s very touching.”

Nebraska chicken thief sends KFC $2 and a letter of apology [Omaha World-Herald]

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