Washington D.C. Hates New Pizza App Because The District Isn’t In Virginia

photoEveryone dreams of the day they can simply push a button and a pizza will magically appear on their doorstep, unless of course, they happen to be residents of the District of Columbia. In what is now starting to sound like a broken record, the inhabitants of D.C. are once again being shutout because their fine city simply isn’t recognized.

The Washington Post reports the latest culprit is Push for Pizza, a smartphone app designed to make ordering pizza a cinch.

Just two days after the app launched, one of the five co-founders reported that “D.C. already hates us.”

That hate has nothing to do with the actual pizza, it has more to do with the message Washington residents receive after trying to use the app: “DC is not a valid state.”

We’ve heard that somewhere else before, right? Oh yea, when a resident was turned away while trying to purchase alcohol in New Hampshire and that other time when a reporter tried to get through airport security, but the TSA agent didn’t know D.C. was part of the United States.

The owners of Push for Pizza quickly found a work around for the issue, telling users to simply put in Virginia as the state and their correct zip code. While that indeed allowed customers to order pizza, the proud residents of D.C. just weren’t feeling it.

Tough talking District residents quickly taught the young entrepreneurs a geography lesson via Twitter.

@TimmyShea: ummm i appreciate the effort, but obviously you don’t understand how offensive it would be for us to list “VA” as our state

@msager: @PushForPizza Washington DC is not in Virginia. I will not use your app unless you add DC to State.

The young entrepreneurs say they learned their lesson; D.C. deserves equal representation – when it comes to pizza anyway. In about a week, a new version that recognizes D.C. will be available.

‘D.C. already hates us,’ says co-founder of pizza app [Washington Post]

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