Everyone Wants To Be The Guy Who Bought Two $1M Lottery Tickets In Three Months

(Lisa Brewster)

(Lisa Brewster)

How many $1 million dollar lottery tickets have you bought lately? None? Then you’re right there with the rest of us lagging behind an Indiana man who somehow managed to win not one million-dollar jackpot, but two in a span of only three months with his lucky buys.

The Indianapolis man won his first million on April 28, after purchasing a scratch-off ticket at a convenience store on his way to a conference, reports WTHR.com.

Cut to July 22 and there he was claiming his second prize, on the same prize.

“It’s the icing on the cake,” he said, making me not only jealous of all that money but also very hungry for cake. A cake filled with money.

He’s planning on using his latest winnings to buy himself a motorcycle, after using the first prize to pay off debts, buy a new home, go on vacation, get his dad a truck and invest in his business. A cake business? Yum.

“After he won the first time I told him he could buy a motorcycle if he hit it again,” his wife said.

Out of the 600 millionaires created by the Hoosier Lottery in 25 years, there are very few who have ever won such sums twice. They all deserve a cake, in my opinion.

Indiana man wins $1 million Lottery prize…twice! [WTHR.com]

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