Popeyes Customer Claims Drive-Thru Worker Spiked His Drink With Antimicrobial Wipes

While one might think that the only substances that could be used to spike a drink would be perhaps liquid or powder, you learn something new every day. Because it’s possible to spike a soda with not one antimicrobial wipe, but two, as one unhappy Popeyes customer claims.

A Washington Army veteran is calling a recent incident at his local Popeyes “assault,” claiming that sipping on the wet wipes made him sick, reports KATU.com.

He says he went through the drive-thru one day for lunch, and had pulled up to the window to pay when he asked the cashier if he could add a jalapeno pepper to his order.

“The lady says you already ordered, and I say, well I’m still here, right? And I could tell she’s irritated,” he recalls.

He didn’t get the pepper, but he did get something he didn’t order, he claims, after he went back to the army base nearby to chow down.

“Within moments of eating, I just started retching,” he said, saying he popped the lid on the drink cup and saw what looked like a napkin in his soda.

“And when I pull the napkin out, I realize it’s not a napkin. It’s an anti-microbial wet wipe, and there’s two of them in there,” he said.

He went to the hospital that night, and says he wants an apology and for the worker to be fired.

“If she did it to me, it could be happening to other soldiers,” he said, adding that a lot of their business will be soldiers from his base. “I’m just angry because I believe I was assaulted.”

Popeyes didn’t comment to KATU.com, but police are investigating and using his receipt as evidence, though it’ll be hard to prove who, if anyone, put the wipes in his cup.

Now let’s all take a moment to think about what it would be like to drink an antimicrobial flavored soda. Okay done, that was awful.

Lewis-McChord soldier claims fast food worker spiked soda [KATU.com]

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