N.Y. Bar Changes “No Irish Drunks” Sign To “No Sensitive Drunks”

It’s time for us to make peace with our Irish brethren, America. A veritable war of words between our country and the Emerald Isle sprung up when a cafe in Ireland posted a sign telling “loud Americans” to stay away, a controversy that pulled in a New York establishment warning “NO IRISH DRUNKS” were allowed. The good news is we seem to have settled things and can all agree that anyone can be loud and drunk, we’re all humans, after all.

It was Ireland’s turn to be offended this time when a bar and grill on Long Island included the prohibition against drunk Hibernians, reported IrishCentral.com, among a list of other unwanteds painted in the establishment’s window — “yapping mutts,” “crying babies” and “strollers” are also unwelcome.

An Irish woman living in New York snapped the pic, saying it wasn’t a nice thing ot see.

“I was taken aback by the way that kind of stereotype was so blatantly displayed,” she said. “’No Irish Drunks,’ that’s very pointed.”

But the owner, who himself is an Irish-American who says he is “sometimes drunk,” says he only included that joke because the Irish can take it.

“There’s a large Irish contingent out here and once they attacked me – verbally – so we added ‘No Irish Drunks’ to the list,” he said, adding, “If you spoke about any other religion or race they would probably take offense to it, but the Irish have a sense of humor.”

Despite that, he taped over the “IRISH” part of the sign with “SENSITIVE,” reports Gothamist. Got that, girl who always ends up wailing on a stool with beer tears streaming down your face after too many margvezas? And you, sensitive guy who can’t help but weep at the beauty of the whiskey? Stop it. Not allowed.

It’s time to heal, everyone. Americans, Irish and Irish-Americans — we can all be loud, and we can all be drunk. Let’s just be courteous, shall we?

We also can’t help but laugh at the new chalk sign the owner added:

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