Fake Airport Security Screener Tricks Women Into Pat-Downs

The world has enough problems with actual, inept TSA agents who have never heard of our nation’s capital. We don’t need jerks posing as airport security just to molest female travelers.

And yet that apparently didn’t stop a 53-year-old California man from allegedly getting drunk and pretending to be a screener at San Francisco International, where he took one woman — and tried to take a second — into a private booth for pat-downs on Tuesday afternoon.

According to SFgate.com, the man showed up at the airport security checkpoint wearing an outfit that fits in with the private security firm contracted to do the screening at the airport — khaki pants, a blue polo shirt… oh, and a pair of blue rubber gloves.

He then directed one female traveler into a private screening booth. She subsequently exited the booth and went on to catch her flight.

He escorted a second woman toward the booth a few minutes later, but not without being noticed by a legitimate screening agent, who knows that male screeners are not allowed to take women travelers to private booths without a female screener being present.

The actual agents then detained the faker while waiting for San Francisco police to arrive.

So far, he’s only been charged with public drunkenness. Additional charges, like false imprisonment, could follow once the TSA is able to track down the woman who went into the booth with the bogus screener.

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