123 People Stranded Overnight When Casino Boat On Its Maiden Voyage Runs Aground On Sandbar

It’s not the Titanic, but a new casino boat that set out from the Georgia coast yesterday isn’t having the best luck with its maiden voyage. The pleasure craft ran aground yesterday, stranding 123 passengers and crew members overnight. And it sounds like it’s there for at least a little while longer.

While we’re sending our most fervent prayers to the transportation gods that all bathrooms are in working order, officials are trying to figure out how to rescue the boat and its passengers.

A tugboat that tried to pull the boat off the rocks snapped a towline in the process, WTOC reports. The Coast Guard says that as of this morning, the boat is still sitting where it got stuck off the coast of Tybee Island.

“The Escapade” reportedly ran aground on a sandbar a bit before midnight last night, but no reports of distress have been reported on board so far.

Passengers have been contacting news outlets, saying that they’re “sideways, stuck on something, everyone has life jackets on.”

And it goes without being said, the witness adds, that it’s not so fun. Even if people are apparently playing casino games while wearing orange life jackets.

“The Coast Guard has been notified we think,” the passenger notes. “I’m so unhappy with this cruise!”

Things should get moving this afternoon at high tide, at which time Coast Guard boats will finally be able to move closer to the boat. It’s currently about 100 yards away from rescue vessels.

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