at least it’s not pumpkin

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123 People Stranded Overnight When Casino Boat On Its Maiden Voyage Runs Aground On Sandbar

It’s not the Titanic, but a new casino boat that set out from the Georgia coast yesterday isn’t having the best luck with its maiden voyage. The pleasure craft ran aground yesterday, stranding 123 passengers and crew members overnight. And it sounds like it’s there for at least a little while longer. [More]


At Least White Chocolate Pringles Are Only A Seasonal Offering

We never wanted or needed dessert Pringles, but they still exist, because the world is a cruel and unrelenting place. Last year, white chocolate peppermint chips invaded grocery shelves. Deciding that this wasn’t terrible enough, this year Pringles has brought us plain old white chocolate. Wait, I thought everything for Christmas had to be mint-flavored! [More]

Pecan Pie Pringles Appear In Stores, We’re Not Sure Why

Pecan Pie Pringles Appear In Stores, We’re Not Sure Why

Last year, Pringles brought us a weird trio of holiday potato chip flavors: pumpkin pie, peppermint white chocolate, and cinnamon and sugar. Now the “dessert Pringle” theme continues, with another pie-flavored chip offering: pecan. [More]