There Is Apparently A White Castle Hall Of Fame & Alice Cooper Is Now In It

Some days, it’s like the world just opens its floodgates of knowledge and you have no choice but to stand there and let the waves crash over you, whether you want this new awareness or not. As such, we are now in possession of the knowledge that not only does White Castle have a hall of fame for a precious few dedicated customers, but rocker Alice Cooper has gained entry.

In what could only have been an event filled with piles upon piles of steamed meat, Cooper was inducted into the ranks of about 177 members who have all proved their devotion in some way or another in a ceremony at the company headquarters in Columbus, Ohio yesterday, reports

It’s unclear what the exact requirements for earning a spot on the list is — there’s a priest who breaks 40-day meat fasts by bringing parishioners to White Castle at 2:30 a.m. and of course, the people behind Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle — but Cooper has managed to snag a spot among them. Maybe being a famous musician has something to do with it?

(Note: Somehow I don’t think being in college and waking up to empty stacks of Crave cases and a faint memory that you did something very, very bad the night before will get you in.)

“When you’re on the road, you live at different restaurants,” he said. “And anyone that knows my band knows that if we’re on this side of the Mississippi and we pass a White Castle, we stop.”

And yes, he’s already in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame — which makes him the first to be in both the Craver Hall AND that other one. Apparently heavy metal rockers who have become household names and are greeted everywhere they go by legions of adoring fans really can have it all. Who knew?

Rocker Alice Cooper “Slides” Into White Castle Hall Of Fame []

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