Meijer Gives Video Game History Lesson, Plays Mass Effect Trailer On Loop For 7 Years

Year seven, still going strong.

Year seven, still going strong.

This bit of video game lore in a discount store isn’t fodder for the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, because it isn’t something for sale. It’s not a retail antiquity, exactly, but a display in the video games section of a Meijer store that features a bafflingly old game.

Redditor The_Power_Of_Three works at the store in question, and posted that the original trailer for Mass Effect has been playing on a loop in the store since the game’s release. The first Mass Effect game. The one that was released in 2007. He has only survived to report back on this endless loop because at least the sound is off. The question is: how long will Meijer keep the trailer rolling?

“Previously I held out hope that the release of Xbox One would finally see the trailer replaced; no such luck, obviously,” he said in the comments, “but my fingers are crossed for next console generation.” Keep the dream alive, TPoT. Keep it alive.

My store has been playing the Mass Effect (original) launch trailer on perpetual loop, 24 hours a day for the past 7 years. [Reddit]

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