Impersonating A Sheriff And Pulling People Over While Test Driving A Car Ends Predictably For Oregon Man

There are surely plenty of signs to alert even the most unobservant person that someone is impersonating an officer of the law. A really bright red flag? When said person tries to pull a fellow motorist over while test driving a car.

Employees at a car dealership in Oregon spent a few days encountering a guy who seemed to act a little funny, reports the Associated Press.

He visited the lot three days in a row, reportedly telling workers there that he was a sheriff’s deputy. Each time, he asked to test drive a black Chevrolet Tahoe.

That was weird after two visits, so a couple workers decided to tag along on his now routine drive, which is when things got even weirder. Allegedly.

Right after leaving the lot, the man rolled the window down and yelled at a motorcyclist to pull over, the workers told real sheriff’s deputies. The biker complied, which is when the suspect told him he’d been speeding, without offering any badge or identification.

Realizing he was probably a fake, the workers called the cops.

“They said the motorcyclist really wasn’t doing anything wrong,” an officer with the sheriff’s department explained. “He was acting for his own safety to get around the slow-moving vehicle.”

He adds that the man confessed to impersonating a deputy, without explaining the whole test drive thing, and has since been charged with criminal impersonation.


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