Peeps Latch On To Ridiculous Holidays In Push To Become Year-Round Treat

PeepsHave you ever heard of “compliment your mirror day?” Well, it’s today and there’s a Peep to celebrate it. Yes, that Peep – the concoction of marshmallow and sugar generally relegated to the Easter holiday.

Earlier this year we told you that the new Peeps Mini product was aiming to make itself a year-round treat, and now it appears the candy marketers are getting a bit creative (or desperate?) in their attempts to find popularity.

The company is celebrating the “Everyday is a holiday” campaign by tying the product to every obscure holiday imaginable – including “National Log Day” and “Sewing Machine Day,” Mashable reports.

The 365-day campaign, which is prominently featured on the Peeps’ social media pages and website, showcases illustrations of the bite-sized Peeps doing everything from being a piece of sushi for “National Sushi Day” to strapping on antennas to depict an alien for “World UFO Day,” which just happened to be yesterday.

The everyday mini Peeps come in Watermelon, Strawberry Creme, Chocolate Creme and Vanilla Creme flavors. The candies themselves are small versions of the bird-shaped Peeps, about 40% smaller, and come 24 to a bag.

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