How To Slice A Dozen Cherry Tomatoes Or Grapes At Once

Arguably, single grapes and cherry or grape tomatoes are already perfect, bite-sized foods. There are reasons why you might want to slice them in half, though: so you can include them in a chicken salad, to make them easier to catch with a fork in a fruit salad, or because you’re serving them to small, choking-prone children. Here’s a method to chop a dozen or more at the same time.

The technique is simple: all you need are two plates or large, flat lids, a knife, and those small, round foodstuffs. Put the grapes or tomatoes on one plate, cover them with the other plate, and cut through the middle.

The grape method went viral after one woman, Laura Mullins Goodhue, posted a video to Facebook of her husband using the method to slice a plateful of grapes in one stroke. Some people have trouble with the Facebook embed, so you can go check it out on Facebook here.

(via Scary Mommy – thanks, Briana!)

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