Asian Guy Gets UPS Package, Driver Notes Recipient Was “CHIN”

chinJ. is a Consumerist reader of Asian descent. Earlier this week, he was expecting a package from UPS. The doorbell rang, he signed for the package, and all was well. So he thought. When his e-mail delivery confirmation arrived, he was surprised to see that his package had been signed for by “CHIN.” Who?

J. provided us with the tracking number, and we were able to confirm that the tracking info does, indeed, say “CHIN.” Who is “Chin?” Did he drop the box at the base of an Easter Island statue? No, not that we know of. Is J’s last name something similar to “Chin?” He asked that we not share his full name, but we can tell you that it isn’t. Was the driver trying to write “Chinese dude” or something similar? If so, J. is really not pleased with that.

“I am disturbed by how the UPS guy put my name in there,” he wrote to Consumerist when he sent along the original screen grab and tracking number. We asked what he wanted from UPS, and he requested an apology and an explanation for what happened, if possible.

Just now, we received this response from UPS:

UPS takes this situation very seriously. UPS does not tolerate discriminatory comments. When we are made aware of discriminatory comments by an employee, we quickly investigate and address the issue. We have taken appropriate disciplinary action with this employee. We have also reached out to the customer and apologized for this incident.

That’s good. We don’t want to see the driver get in trouble, but we also don’t think that ethnic designations are the best way to keep track of who received which package.

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  1. ReverendTed57 says:

    I know it’s Consumerist policy to abbreviate the name of the submitting party, but I’m curious if the name (or signature) could resemble “Chin” in any way. (My signature is illegible, so the driver will usually ask my name after I sign.)
    And just to be sure, J. doesn’t happen to stand for “Jay Leno” by any chance, does it? I don’t usually think of him as Asian, but that could put a different spin on the situation.

  2. charmander says:

    Why are you so sure it is an ethnic designation? I think we need more info here.

    We don’t even know what J’s last name is so it could have been a mashup of that. I would like to believe people are innocent until guilty but this article made me think it’s the other way around.

  3. mrkake says:

    My opinion on this is that people should not get so angry over everything. There are things to get angry over, like, if the UPS guy actually acted inappropriately to you, smashed your package on the wall because of your race… etc… but because he wrote CHIN ? I’m not saying it was an error, but for all we know the next package could have been delivered to someone actually named CHIN and the guy got confused… also.. the guy is forced to write something in the box. My name has been left out or misspelled so many times. It’s kind writing SMITH or JONES or whatever…. UPS guy probably delivers boxes all day and writes all kinds of random names. He probably doesn’t even expect anyone to read them, and I seriously doubt that being racist ever crossed his mind. We can sit here and talk about if he could have picked a better fake name than CHIN.. and he probably could have… but I don’t think it’s worth getting offended and putting someone’s job in jeopardy over since I think it’s highly unlikely anything was meant by it… Just my opinion…. obviously the person filing the complaint is entitled to make their own choices.

    • EducationalGeek says:

      Totally agree with you here. People get all bent out of shape about things that will never change nor ever go away. If you go through life expecting not to get offended then you are naive and your parents didn’t teach you well.