Arizona Motor Vehicles Department Accidentally Issues Licenses, ID Cards With Wrong Photos

It’s all fine and good to have driver’s permit/some kind of legal identification, but the thing is, it doesn’t really work if the photo on that document isn’t you. Arizona’s Motor Vehicles Department said it’s gotten reports of drivers receiving identification cards and permits with photos of strangers on them, prompting concern that maybe their information is being shared with others as well.

One woman tells that she renewed her ID card and driver’s permit, and all the information on the temporary copy was right as rain. But then she received the permanent cards in the mail and didn’t recognize the face looking back at her.

“All of my information was correct. There was just somebody else’s picture and somebody else’s signature,” she explained, adding that she worried about her own information going elsewhere.

The director of the MVD told the station that she first heard about the issue yesterday morning, and that five cases of mixed up photos have been reported.

She says the agency recently switched to a new centralized system, which could explain the glitches.

“We immediately had a team assembled to assess what the issues might be. We don’t believe that this is a systemic issue. We believe it’s more individualized, and we need to find those nuances,” she added.

The MVD urges any other Arizonans with errors on their driver’s license or identification cards to call immediately to have it fixed.

Arizona MVD issues permits with wrong pictures []

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