DMV Glitch Mistakenly Adds Inches To Thousands Of Drivers’ Heights

Image courtesy of CBS Denver

In what sounds like a dream come true for anyone who has ever fudged their height on an online dating profile and needs paperwork to prove that they are much taller than they seem, the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles says a mixup accidentally added extra inches of height to thousands of drivers’ licenses recently.

About 12,000 people who ordered license renewals online between February and March 17 may have noticed the state thinks they’re a lot taller than they actually are, CBS Denver reports.

That includes a professional driver who really needs to have the correct information to drive commercially. When his license arrived, it listed him as 7’11” — a total surprise to a guy who thought he was closer to six feet.

Just to make sure, CBS helped him out by measuring him, and found that he is, indeed, 5’11”.

The Department of Revenue says it’s the result of a vendor error, due to the fact that the state sends heights to the company in inches, not feet and inches.

“Instead of converting to be (5-foot-11), it’s (7-foot-1), so there was just that minor error with the listed height on our driver’s license and identification cards,” a spokeswoman told the station.

Officials say the issue has been resolved and replacement cards are going out now. If you received an incorrect license or ID card with the wrong information, you don’t need to do anything: New cards should arrive no later than March 10.

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