Kraft Recalls Batch Of Velveeta Because….Not Enough Preservative Makes Cheese Spoil Too Fast

If you’re thinking of whipping up a pot of creamy cheese dip this weekend, you might want to inspect your block of Velveeta carefully.

Kraft recalled a batch of the yellow gold Thursday, because the cheese might not contain enough preservative, The Chicago Tribune reports.

While a lack of preservatives in food might, at times, be a good thing, this apparently isn’t one of those cases. The inadequate amount means the cheese can spoil too fast, potentially causing a food borne illness – and nobody wants that.

The recalled batch, which comes in 32-ounce containers, was made on a single manufacturing line over a few hours of production.

Affected products will have a “best used by” date of December 17, 2014 and a time stamp between 09:34 and 13:15.

After production, the cheese was sent to three Walmart distribution centers and redistributed in as many as 12 states. Walmart stores in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin may have received the product.

No word on whether or not the recall will exacerbate the possible Cheesepocalypse, or rather liquid gold shortage, that Velveeta warned us about earlier this year.

Kraft recalls some Velveeta, saying not enough preservative [Chicago Tribune]

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