Warning: This Bottle Of Wine May Explode

exploding_wineSure, we at Consumerist have our issues with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, but here’s one case where centralized government control of the booze supply may be a good thing. Since the Liquor Control Board owns and operates all liquor stores in the state, reports of exploding prosecco bottles filtered in to the government in a timely manner, and they in turn have alerted the public.

Yes, “several” bottles have been reported “spontaneously exploding” in liquor stores across the Commonwealth. The LCB estimates that about 2,000 bottles of the sparkling wine have been sold in Pennsylvania so far, and we’re working on finding out whether the product was sold in any other states. The affected product is the one in the picture, a 750-milliliter bottle of sparkling wine. The brand name is Indigenous Selections Prosecco Brut 2013.

If you have a bottle in your home, the store does not, for the love of Bacchus, want you to bring it back. Consumers are told to “carefully dispose” of the bottle, which probably does not include presenting it as a gift to someone you don’t like. You could wrap it in a bag, very gently set it in a trash container, and then run away. Contact the store where it was purchased for a refund.

Consumers with any questions about this winepocalypse can contact the LCB at 1-800-272-7522 (press 3) or lbconsumer@pa.gov.

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