Pig Decides Today Is Not The Day It Becomes Bacon, Jumps From Truck Bound For Slaughterhouse

I don’t want to say pigs can conceive and carry out plans, per se, but you’ve got to wonder how one pig in South America seemed to know it really didn’t want to be on a truck heading to the slaughterhouse. Perhaps one day he’ll be bacon, but it won’t be this day.

Babe made a break for it and was caught on video (via the Daily Mail) by someone in a vehicle behind the delivery truck filled with pigs.

He takes a peek to assess the situation, then wrests his body up high enough to stand on his doomed buddies’ backs, before launching himself out of the moving vehicle at high speed and tumble to the ground.

He (yes, I’ve decided he’s a he) reportedly fell more than 10 feet, which must feel like nothing to the hero of our story, who then totters off over a grassy knoll, ostensibly toward whichever farm of his youth he’s yearning to get back to.

Actually though, it’s unclear what happened to the little guy, but I’m hoping he went wee wee wee all the way home. He deserves it.

And how about the people taking the video? They sound remarkably calm, despite the inherent danger in a big pig hitting the roadway.

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