Why Does Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt Have Less Protein?

cherry-garcia-greek-detail-1While perusing junk food blogs, which is a requirement of this job, we came across an interesting fact in an otherwise edifying review of a new product from Ben & Jerry’s, Cherry Garcia-flavored Greek frozen yogurt. This is not to be confused with the company’s regular frozen yogurt in the Cherry Garcia flavor, which also exists. The thing is…why does one have a lot more protein than the other?

After all, the point of Greek yogurt is that it’s thicker than regular yogurt, with more protein in the same volume of food. Only in the case of the Cherry Garcia yogurts, this doesn’t add up. Natalie over at The Impulsive Buy brought this discrepancy to our attention. In this picture, the Greek yogurt is on the left, and the regular yogurt is on the right.


We checked the company’s site: unlike the calcium-fortified Hershey’s syrup with no calcium, this is not an error: the nutrition information is the same online.

This has left us mystified. We called up Ben & Jerry’s, and they didn’t have an answer handy either: they have teams of ice cream researchers working on this question as we speak.

We’ll post an update to this important story when we hear something back. In the meantime, if you come across a similar food discrepancy, be sure to send it along to Consumerist!

Update: the mystery is solved.

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