Report: Yum! Brands Attempting Asian Food With Test Of Banh Mi Sandwich Shop

A real banh mi, not a hypothetical Yum! version. (ChrisGoldNY)

A real banh mi, not a hypothetical Yum! version. (ChrisGoldNY)

The company that’s gone south of the border to offer fare resembling Mexican food, and brought customers buckets of fried meat resembling chicken, is now taking a whack at selling Asian cuisine. Namely, those tasty little Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches many Americans have come to drool over as shops pop up across the country. Yup, Yum! Brands is reportedly testing its own version of banh mi.

Whether that idea makes your insides clutch each other in a terrified embrace and rush for the nearest exit, or fills you with yearning, only customers in Dallas will be able to try the new offering, reports Escape Hatch Dallas (h/t Business Insider).

It’ll apparently occupy a former auto repair shop on SMU Boulevard, and will be called Banh Shop.
This, from a reader of Escape Hatch “who knows such things.”

Because people who know such things cannot always be a verified source, we’ve reached out to Yum! to see if the company has any comment on the truth of such a story.

I have visions of breakfast banh mis filled with chorizo and scrambled eggs and I don’t know how I feel about that.

If you’ve heard anything about this place or live in Dallas and have experienced in real life, let us know at Meanwhile, we’ll let you know if we hear back from Yum!.

Yum! Brands to launch new concept, Banh Shop, near SMU [Escape Hatch Dallas]

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