Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Suck At Picking Father’s Day Gifts

We don’t really do gift guides, but over the weekend Consumerist did bring you a wonderful list of creative ideas for non-terrible Father’s Day gifts. Meanwhile, over at Walmart, someone is doing their best to inspire customers to buy really terrible gifts for their dads.

Evidence? Check out this camera on the shelf. Over on the left, you can see part of a sign touting the items on this shelf as great Father’s Day gifts.


Reader Steve actually took these pictures last year, but only got around to submitting them today. We’re not so sure that it makes a difference, though. The camera was put on sale in 2009, as you can see on the price tag on the box. Someone moved it to a fresh shelf in June 2013, as you can tell from the date on the shelf tag.


This model of camera hit the market in 2006, so maybe at this point it’s a collectible. You can somewhat inexplicably find it for $368 on Amazon as well.

At least Walmart didn’t market this item as a Father’s Day gift, but reader Joshua spotted it on a shelf.


The Creative Zen V Plus hit the market in July 2004, making this perhaps another item that has languished on the shelf for so long that it’s a collector’s item. It’s even older than our favorite Walmart retail antiquity, the MobiBlu.

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