Finding The Guy Who Stole Your Stuff Is Easy When He Sends You A Facebook Friend Request

When you find yourself suddenly bereft of personal belongings because some dastardly villain took them off you during a robbery, often the only recourse is to call the cops and wait. And wait. And hope that you can get your stuff back. Or, you can just wait until the suspect sends you a friend request.

There’s nothing like connecting over social media to bring things full circle, as one Washington woman found out after someone robbed her on a ferry, reports the Associated Press.

Police say she was sitting on the boat with her headphones in when someone hit her on the head from behind and then grabbed her iPod and purse before fleeing. While she didn’t recognize him, she did happen to notice a distinct triangle tattoo on his neck.

That proved to be the key when the next day, a stranger requested her friendship on Facebook. Scrolling through his pics, she saw that same triangle tattoo. Bingo.

Police confirmed the account belonged to the suspect and reportedly arrested him. In the meantime, I’m guessing he’ll have to ask his existing friends for help on Sugar Crunch or Pioneertown, whatever the kids are playing on there these days.

Robbery suspect friends victim on Facebook [Associated Press]

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