Woman Accused Of Choking Girl For Blocking Her View During Disney Fireworks Show

Image courtesy of Jeremy_Schultz

It can be frustrating to have someone blocking your view during an exciting moment like a fireworks show. But that doesn’t mean you should resort to violence if someone is in your way.

Police in Orange County, FL, arrested a woman from Michigan accused of choking a teenager during a fireworks show at Disney World because she and her friends were blocking her family’s view, reports The Orlando Sentinel (warning: link contains auto-play video).

It all started when the display began at the Magic Kingdom, and the girl and her fellow high school students stood up to watch it. The 41-year-old woman and her family were sitting behind them, and insisted they sit down. The woman “became aggravated,” the police report said, so the girl and her friends decided to move.

The teen told police that as they walked away she told the family, “You can take our spot.” That’s when the suspect allegedly choked the girl.

“She wrapped both hands around my neck and began squeezing,” the teen told police, and only released her when she started screaming. She says the woman told her, “You don’t want to mess with me.”

The woman was arrested on a felony charge of child abuse. The girl and her mother want to prosecute, the police report indicated.

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