Yes, The TSA’s Airport Security Screening Rules Still Apply To Travelers Who Are Mad About Missing Flights

Listen, I know it feels like the sun and moon revolve around your head and the entire fate of humanity lies in your hands. But that’s not reality, and even if you’re late for your flight, you still have to go through the annoyance of security checkpoints at the airport, just like the rest of us. Otherwise, the entire airport terminal might just get locked down and that’s just a rude inconvenience for other travelers.

Metro Airport’s McNamara Terminal was put on security lockdown for more than two hours last night after a man forced his way through a security checkpoint without bothering to get screened, officials tell the Detroit Free Press.

After investigating the incident, the TSA said all law enforcement agencies involved had given the all clear, while about 40 passengers had to wait to be screened during that time.

According to the TSA, The Man Who Would Not Stop For Screening had come in from Little Rock and apparently missed his connection to Los Angeles.

So instead of listening to a TSA agent, he reportedly forced his way back into the terminal, for what purpose, it’s unclear. He was still in custody late last night, so his trip is even more delayed now.

“A passenger, who was already on the secured side of the screened checkpoint, exited through the line and made the decision to turn back around and go through the secured side without being screened again,” an airport spokesman said.

That little move mucked up a lot of travelers’ plans — baggage from flights piled up on carousels, people tried to “bum rush” the gate to exit the airport, and cars lined up outside waiting for passengers stuck inside.

Just a reminder: Yes, the rules apply to you. Even when you’re late. Even when you’re flying in from Arkansas on a Thursday and wearing one green sock and one yellow sock. That last part I made up, but it could be true and the rules do apply in that case, as well. So do the rest of us a favor and follow them.

Metro Airport lockdown lifts after 2½ hours; traveler arrested after forcing past security [Detroit Free Press]

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