Would You Like Guacamole With Your McDonald’s Meal?

McD_GuacamoleBurger-350You might react to this concept with either horror or curiosity: McDonald’s is testing guacamole as a condiment and dipping sauce at its restaurants in southern California, and they’re testing a fancy new Guacamole Burger in Denver. For 89 cents, they’ll put guacamole on anything. Anything?

The Guac Burger isn’t available in southern California, but the McGuac is available as one of the toppings you can get in a “build your own burger” concept that the chain is testing there. Customers get to choose the ingredients for their self-designed burger, which is a variation on a Quarter Pounder, on an iPad.

We don’t know for sure, but would guess that McDonald’s isn’t making up fresh batches of guacamole all day long in the restaurant: it will probably be some variation of jarred guacamole, which can be pretty good but generally isn’t the most delicious choice around. These pricier burgers and the guac and fries are meant to compete with fast-casual chains like Chipotle or Smashburger: is that enough to compete, or is the fast-casual experience about something other than pricier burger toppings?

McDonald’s Tests Guacamole as Topping, Side Dish [Burger Business]

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