GameStop Customer Charged With Keying Employee’s Car

When we compiled our list of “9 Bad Consumers Who Make Things Worse For The Rest Of Us,” apparently there was one customer type we missed: “The Car-Keyer.” That’s what one woman in Nashville has been accused of doing to an employee, supposedly because she was jealous of items that other gamers received.

There must be more going on here beyond the surface, especially when the affidavit notes that the victim had refused the alleged car-keyer’s “friendly advances.” On Wednesday, though, witnesses say that she caused a scene in the store about not receiving an unspecified “demo game.” After she left the store, the keying victim says that he recognized her voice on the phone when someone told him to go outside and look at his car.

Worse: police learned that the woman had left her 7-year-old child home alone during her car-keying trips, so added child neglect charges to her vandalism charges.

Woman keys car of GameStop employee for not giving demo game [WATE] (Thanks, Marcus!)

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