Cops: Teen Caught Wearing Stolen $600 Tuxedo After Store Owner Spots Him At Prom

Where in the world could a stolen tuxedo possibly show up? One formalwear store owner seems to have had a detective’s instinct, and managed to spot her pilfered merchandise at a local high school’s prom after someone boosted it from a store mannequin.

While it’s unclear if said owner was staking out all the weddings, proms and other fancy events in the area, police in Northern Arizona say she saw him wearing a $600 tuxedo that belonged to her store while attending his high school prom, reports the Associated Press.

She called the police on the spot and accompanied officers into the prom to identify the tux in question by color, style and the designer on the label.

Cops arrested the 18-year-old and charged him with a felony, after accusing him of breaking a window at the store and taking the tux off a mannequin.

Again, it’s not clear why the store owner was at the prom — maybe as a chaperone? Or she’s just that dedicated to her business to check out any possible lead around.

Police: Teen wearing stolen tux arrested at prom [Associated Press]

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