Six-Year-Old Donates All His Birthday Money To Police To Help Pay For Kids’ Summer Programs

Most six-year-olds are likely to see their birthdays as one giant pile of presents and cake and this is all mine mine mine me me me! But not one generous tyke in Florida who instead donated all the money he got for his birthday to his local police force for a good cause.

The kindergartener with a heart of gold handed over all $1,650 he got for his birthday through his own special fundraising efforts to the local police department, after donating last year’s loot to the firefighters in town, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

That $1,210.25 donation was the largest one-time donation ever to the city’s firefighters, who put the money toward a volunteer program that paints fire hydrants and builds wheelchair ramps for the disabled.

He asked for donations for local businesses as well as holding a “dough-raiser” at a pizza shop that brought in some money as well. His donation will go toward defraying the costs for police running a summer-education program for kids.

“He keeps nothing for himself,” said his mom, adding, “During all of this, he amazed me with his courage in standing in front of large groups of people talking about what he was doing.”

Ocoee boy keeps promise, donates birthday money to police [Orlando Sentinel]

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