Peeps Make Further Push To Become Year-Round Candy

At least 50% of Consumerist editors enjoy marshmallow Peeps, and the others are wrong. However, even we have to admit that making smaller versions of the snack available year-round is a terrible, delicious, terrible idea. What makes the sugar-encrusted sugar fluff so special, is that it is special: even though they’re available more or less year round, each variety is at least loosely tied to a holiday. Until now.


Yes, non-holiday-themed miniature Peeps have been spotted at Walmart. Turns out they were announced before Easter, but the product, Peeps Minis, have just recently fluttered into stores. A reader over at The Impulsive Buy noticed them on the shelves..

Unlike regular Peeps, at least, these do come in a resealable bag. Flavors include watermelon (watermelon?!), strawberry creme, and chocolate. The candies themselves are small versions of the bird-shaped Peeps, about 40% smaller, and come 24 to a bag.

The product’s slogan: “With PEEPS Minis, every day is a holiday!” No. No, it is not.

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