Here Come Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos

taco_lineupDo you find the Doritos Locos Taco intriguing, but don’t care for beef (or Taco Bell’s version of beef)? Great news for you: tomorrow, the chain introduces a new member of the DLT family: Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch tacos. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and the “spice” in the name comes from a spicy ranch sauce. Spicy ranch?

Your reaction to this is probably either horror and disgust or “I want to go to there.” The flavor fits in with current food trends, though: Americans currently can’t get enough sriracha chili sauce, and other spicy foods are popular right now. Apparently, Taco Bell is currently considering a Doritos Locos variety that includes habanero peppers. They’re also considering bacon flavoring, though we don’t know whether the bacon would be blasted on the Doritos shell or inside the taco.

Taco Bell sent a sample to the office of Bloomberg Businessweek’s Venessa Wong earlier this week, even though the rest of us won’t be able to cram the new offering into our mouths until tomorrow. Her verdict? The taco is “indeed spicy, as promised,” and the spicy ranch sauce does make the whole thing taste different from what it would taste like if you just crammed chicken in a standard ranch DLT. She doesn’t say whether this is good or bad, but again: your reaction is probably either horror or enthusiasm, without many shades in between.

Taco Bell Won’t Stop Tinkering With the Doritos Locos Juggernaut [Bloomberg Businessweek]

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