Unruly Walgreens Shopper Goes On Kissing Spree Through The Store, Licks Employee’s Head

Listen, everyone likes a good smooch now and again, but that doesn’t mean that a stranger in a store will appreciate an unexpected puckerjob. Police say a man went on a kissing spree through an Omaha Walgreens, topping the whole weird encounter off with a well-timed lick to an employee’s head.

According to police, a 35-year-old man wended his way through the aisles earlier this month, reports Omaha.com, dispersing kisses and unwanted advances as he went.

He first tried the photo processing area before moving on to find an employee to kiss. Then in another aisle, he allegedly grabbed a customer’s backside before going up to another woman and then allegedly approached another woman, grabbed her face, murmured “Hey baby” before kissing her and squeezing her rump as well.

She pushed him away, but that rebuff of his advances didn’t seem to deter him as he walked through the store tossing items and allegedly trying to kiss yet another lady.

And when a male worker stepped over a counter to stop him? Police say the suspect planted one on him, too.

He was finally escorted from the store, before returning a few minutes later. He then sat on a counter and refused to move, until he was escorted one more time from the store. That’s when he landed the coupe de grace, licking an employee’s head on the way out, cops say.

He’s been charged with misdemeanor sexual assault and three counts of disturbing the peace.

Man, 35, kisses his way through an Omaha Walgreens before licking an employee’s head [Omaha.com]

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