If You Want Willie Nelson’s Former Tour Bus, It’s Currently Being Sold On Craigslist

00s0s_6oPJhnTjD33_600x450Are you a fan of the Red Headed Stranger? Do you have $65,000 and a driveway long enough to park a 1983 Eagle bus? Then, oh man, we know of a place where you can part with that money.

Over on Craigslist, there are a few hours left to put your name in consideration for the 31-year-old bus that the seller claims was once the roaming home to the man that made “On the Road Again” a household phrase.

“The bus gets 7mpg with the generator running,” reads the ad that is short on words but packed with photos. “The bus sleeps about 8+ just depending the situation. It has 4 A/C Units on the roof with heat as well.”


It was posted earlier this week and the owner had planned to end the bidding already. But he’s extended that deadline until what is either midnight tonight or midnight tomorrow night; it’s always hard to tell what exactly people mean when they list a 12:00 a.m. deadline.

Regardless, if you think you can outbid the current highest offer of $65K, head on over to the Craigslist listing and get in touch before some other Willie fan rolls off into the sunset in your wheels.


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