GoDaddy Discontinues Something, Forgets To Tell Customers What

It’s nice when a company gives customers advance notice before they stop offering a popular product or service. GoDaddy sent out an e-mail yesterday notifying their customers about the end of a product. Which product? Well, that’s a good question.

Spencer forwarded us this e-mail that he received:


What were they discontinuing? “Domain registration? SSL certificates” Spencer wrote to Consumerist. “Or are they saying they’re not discontinuing anything, albeit in a very roundabout way?”

The message made him curious, so he checked into what the message might be referring to. (GoDaddy offers a wide variety of online products, after all.) He learned from the company’s help pages that it would be the InstantPage Web design service. Whew: he doesn’t use that. Maybe that explained the weird e-mail. “I guess since I don’t use InstantPage, they decided I didn’t need to know that particular product is being retired,” he mused.

Or not. Another Consumerist staffer had some other plan that came with free InstantPage credits, and received the original message yesterday that forgot to mention what was being discontinued. Today, GoDaddy sent a follow-up note explaining that the previous message was sent in error, and also explaining what they were discontinuing.


We’re glad that they cleared that up, even if we liked the existential dilemma that the original e-mail posed.

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