Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Must Wait Until January 30, 2007 To Sell This Computer

All over the world, in dusty corners of discount stores and warehouses, retail antiquities are waiting for someone to discover them. These tiny pockets of obsolete, comically overpriced technology are the purview of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, a group who tirelessly search for these artifacts, then send pictures of them to Consumerist. This week, they uncovered two fascinating treasures.

First up was an ancient eMachines computer, which reader Matthew noticed on the shelf at Walmart.


“If it’s any consolation, the shelf tags didn’t match and I didn’t take it down to get a price,” Matthew noted. “I couldn’t pass up submitting it for the big ‘do not sell before January 30, 2007’ sticker.” That’s good, because it’s now well after January 30, 2007. We would love to know what the current price was on this computer. As Matthew notes, the knowing the price structure of Walmart’s computing antiquities, maybe it’s $20 or so below the original retail price for now.


We say that based on the price tag of this week’s other discovery. John found this copy of Activision’s Band Hero on a Walmart shelf for just a few dollars below the original retail price. Yes, the accessories are really the key to music game, and sometimes games have extra value because they’re collectible, but this doesn’t appear to be one of them.

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