Walkmans Are Totally Ridiculous To Kids Who’ve Never Made An Awesome Mix Tape Before

Nope. Not a phone.

Nope. Not a phone.

There are probably many remnants from our not-so-far-off past that sure, seem a bit archaic — remember when you had to rent a VCR from Blockbuster? — but because we lived through technology like cassette players and video stores, it’s just fun nostalgia. For kids who never had to hone their fast-forwarding skills to hit just the right song or labor over mix tapes though, something like a Walkman is downright weird.

Benny and Rafi Fine, or The Fine Brothers, have had a successful run with their YouTube series showing kids reacting to unfamiliar things. This time it’s no different, with “What the heck is that?” as the common sentiment when they’re faced with a Walkman.

And no, children, not everything is a phone. Back in my day, we had one phone line and a very short cord, and if you wanted to stay up playing games and talking to your friends on the Internet all night your dad would be pretty peeved about the AOL bill.

Unless you’ve ever felt the sweet satisfaction of a perfectly executed mix tape — WITHOUT any weird radio DJs piping in on it — then you just won’t understand, kids. You just can’t.

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  1. MathManv2point0 says:

    Oh man, it used to toooootally upset me when the DJ talked over the beginning or end of the song or if they skipped the intro to an awesome jam or faded out too early.

    I wonder if kids these days would know what a push mower, rake, shovel, or hard work looked like. ::shakes fist::

  2. BenythTX says:

    Damn kids with their 21st century technology! In my day we had Walkmans and we LIKED IT! Now get off the lawn!

  3. xvdgry57 says:

    The presentation stopped too early. The adults needed to have the kids put their smartphones at one end of the table, the adults put next to it a 1st iteration iPod, the Walkman and ask them to guess what portable music options existed before the Walkman.
    After confused stares and answers drop a big azz boombox on the table.