Let’s All Watch A Kid Be Totally Confused By A Pay Phone

Listen, it’s Friday. We’ve all had a long week. There are only a few hours separating us from the weekend, so to make this last sprint toward freedom more enjoyable, why not watch the younger generation fumble to understand outdated technology? It’s something we always enjoy.

It’s only fair, you see, as kids increasingly get the one-up on their elders by knowing everything there is about new products and technological innovations. Sure, you kids are seemingly schooled on cloud computing in the womb, but you don’t even know what a phone booth is!

Do children not watch movies any more? When the Consumerist team were wee consumerists, no one had to tell us what a telegram was because we learned it from the movies.

The best part might be how he holds it to his ear like someone might be talking already on the other end.

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