Watch Out For Scammy Links Promising New Info About Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Careful where you click.

Careful where you click.

While much of the world is waiting and hoping for any sign of what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared on the way to Beijing on March 8 with 239 people aboard, there are those out there just waiting for the chance to take advantage of those hopes.

The Better Business Bureau is warning people about scams going around on Facebook, Twitter and via email, with enticing headlines like “Video of Malaysia MH370 plane found in Bermuda Triangle. Passengers alive” and “Missing plane has been found!” reports CNNMoney.

Those videos and links are just trying to get you to click for “exclusive” footage or some big revelation, when really you’ll likely be prompted to update your video player — don’t agree to that. It’s how the malware can get in and take over your computer, which is a very bad thing.

Also don’t fall for a survey scam if you’re asked to fork over personal information. Anything that asks you to share with your friends before watching could also be a bad idea, so if you’re unsure, hover over any links and avoid suspicious URLs. Or just skip them altogether, better to be safe than sorry, as my Uncle Ignatius always said.

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