Stories You Might Have Missed Because You Were Too Busy Being Awesome

weekinreview2We post a lot of stories during the week, and we know that most of you have jobs, families, lives, hobbies, nagging itches and other more important things to do than read every single thing we write. So for those who might be playing catch-up on the weekend, here are some of the things you might have missed…

Comcast: We Don’t Have Data Caps, We Have “Data Thresholds”

As Fewer People Overdraft, Banks Are Raising Overdraft Fees

FCC Isn’t Considering Pay-For-Access Deals In New Net Neutrality Rules

8 Things Companies Have Said That Sounded Like April Fool’s Jokes But Sadly Weren’t

How To Buy A Politician: What Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Means For Consumers

Walmart Finally Admits That Its Empty Shelves Are A Big Problem

Remember Those Late Holiday Packages? Don’t Blame The Carrier, Blame The Retailer

Supreme Court Rules Airline Had Right To Dump Frequent Flier For Excessive Complaints

Which MLB Teams Are A Steal To See And Which Should Be Called Out For High Prices?

Olive Garden Suggested A Deceptively High Tip On My Receipt…Or Did It?

Study: Creepy Cereal Box Characters Are Trying To Make Eye Contact With Children

Why Is A Hotel Minibar’s Vodka Often Cheaper Than The Peanuts?

Fruit Punch Oreos Exist, Are Available At Walmart

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