“Burger King Baby” Found In The Bathroom Reunites With Her Birth Mother 27 Years Later

Just a few weeks after the now 28-year-old woman known as the “Burger King Baby” put out a plea for help in finding the birth mother who left her in the restaurant’s bathroom 27 years ago, the two have been reunited. And for the former BKB, that meant finally learning the answers to the questions she’s had all her life.

She grew up happy with her adopted family, but always wondered who her mother was, and why she decided to leave her in the bathroom, reports The Morning Call. The first thing she wanted upon walking into a conference room with lawyers to meet her mom, however, wasn’t an answer.

“It was pure shock to see it was actually her standing there,” she said. “The first thing I got was my hug that I wanted.”

It was the first time she’d been with her mother since she was abandoned on Sept. 15, 1986 in a crowded Burger King. Her mother told her that she’d left her there after she was raped by a stranger during a family vacation abroad at 16.

Afraid to tell anyone she was pregnant, her mother gave birth in her bedroom at 17 and then brought her daughter, only hours old, to the fast food joint, knowing that someone would find her in the crowded restaurant.

“She kissed the baby on the forehead and left,” the woman’s lawyer said of his client’s mom. “She was a kid in high school. Back then, you couldn’t just go to a hospital and drop the baby off, no questions asked.”

It turns out that her mother had been searching for her too, after becoming “filled with guilt” about six months ago. She heard about her daughter’s search for her and decided to step forward.

As for the former Burger King Baby, she says she isn’t angry with her birth mother, because she’s had a good life. She’s married with three children and works as an emergency medical technician.

“I know I want to get to know her, share pictures, gain a new friend,” she said. “We have 27 years of catching up to do.”

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